3 Major Reasons To Use Custom Retail Packaging


Are you looking for retail packaging boxes, or would like to offer your own customized boxes? There are a number of ways to get your custom retail packaging without an expensive investment in new inventory. One of the most popular ways is to use foam inserts as packaging. Foam inserts have a number of advantages over traditional retail boxes that you will find useful when packaging items for sale. Here are four reasons to choose foam inserts for your next product launch or sale:

Smaller Inventory Needed: When small businesses launch new products, the goal is to get them onto shelves as soon as possible. Many retailers struggle with how to meet this goal because they lack the appropriate supplies in the market. Foam inserts make it easy to provide the inventory retailers need for the launches they plan. With foam retail packaging boxes, you can provide inventory reduction without sacrificing the product quality. The custom retail boxes you purchase will be made from strong, full-grain wood, which makes them easy to hold and provide the company with the merchandise they need in a timely manner. All large sizes available including mini, small, medium and large custom printed retail packaging boxes with foam inserts available with embossed, foil embossed and UV gloss finishes.

Cost Effective: Many small businesses struggle to keep their costs down. They may use standard off-the-shelf retail packaging boxes according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but they add very little value to the products they pack. With foam inserts, you can provide a superior product to the customers at a more affordable price than other box printers. Using a custom box printer to produce retail packaging boxes according to your brand image, color scheme and image can save your business time and money while providing your customers excellent value for their dollar.

Custom Card Stock Boxes: Let us know what kind of retail packaging boxes and card stock inserts that you prefer. When we say “we,” it does not mean “you.” In fact, you could find that using a more cost-effective card stock material versus more expensive premium paper allows you to use more of your marketing dollars on marketing instead of the shipping and stocking of cardboard stock boxes. You can provide a superior product to the customer at a more affordable price and help reduce your marketing budget while increasing your profits.

Quick Turnaround Time: Most small companies have limited floor space and even fewer people to spare in terms of time. A customized retail packaging design can allow you to customize a box quickly and have it on the shelves before the end of the day. This means you have more room in your warehouse for other items and that means faster turnarounds on orders. Many small businesses cannot afford to wait days or even weeks for an order to be processed. The custom retail packaging design saves time and money while increasing your profit margin. These types of boxes are easy to stock and they can be placed on shelves without taking up too much space.

Brand Exposure: A great way to increase your brand name visibility is through the marketing of your product. You want to promote your business and build brand recognition, but sometimes it is impossible to do all of this on your own. Using a professional to create custom retail packaging boxes allows you to have an experienced hand with your branding and marketing while insuring your company’s identity remains consistent. After all, the very purpose of a brand name is to invoke a reaction from the customer based on what the customer has seen and heard about the product. The same is true when you choose a professional retail box design.

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