4 Minor Changes You Can Make to Your Website to Make it More Visible in Search Engines


Whenever you have a query or if you need something, search engine is the first thing you refer to. Now imagine so many companies striving to win the race by deeming themselves on top by the means of SEO. For outsiders, SEO may seem like a complicated process, but know that it doesn’t have to be. No matter if you don’t know how to make a website, you can use a website builder or hire a professional if your budget allows. But SEO is needed in both types of websites, no matter what. We have listed some easy ways to render your site more visible in search engines.

  1. Optimize each web page with high quality content

This is the most complicated task but worth it. Without this, you will never make it to the visibility on the search engines at all. All the web pages must include concisely written and descriptive content. This type of content can be optimized to use certain target keywords and phrases. If you have web pages without much content, then you can try avoiding Google from indexing it by the means of noindex and nofollow attributes.

  1. Add unique title tags and meta description for each web page

Title tags refer to the headlines of your pages in SERP or search engine results pages and meta descriptions are the descriptive texts. Not only they delineate the purpose of your web pages but they also signify how they will show up in search results. They serve a dual purpose in this way, your pages rank higher and the click through rates also increase from the audiences on SERP.

  1. Steer clear from 404 errors

Nothing annoys the user more than 404 errors. This also impacts the number of web pages Google can index. They don’t hurt your rankings but you can set up a 301 redirect or restore the page where 404 error shows up. You can use a Google Search Console for seeking the crawl errors. If you have built your website on WordPress then download the plugin that can make the 404 errors productive.

  1. Make the content sharable

This is a minor yet a significant change. When you have social share icons on your blog, your users and share your content on their page easily. Social shares usually don’t contribute to the rankings but it makes your webpage more visible. If you have a website on WordPress, then there are many plugins to add social share buttons to your website.

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