6 great reasons to go whale watching when visiting Sydney


The Opera House, The Bridge, the SCG and the vibrancy of King’s Cross. How can anyone not love visiting the capital of Australia’s NSW and getting the most out of it, as it continues to attract those from far and wide, with getting on for 10 million calls in 2022?

Aussies simply adore heading there, along with those from around the globe. Of course, the proximity to the open sea adds to its attraction which is seeing increasing numbers enjoying Sydney whale watching for the following 6 reasons.

  1. Heading out into those waters with a crew carrying 19 years of experience is guaranteed to provide the ultimate sensory experience. Just seeing the amazing mammals break the surface to breathe creates memories that will last a lifetime. Even more so if in the company of family or a loved one.
  2. The sights are the stuff that dreams are made of as humpback whales put on shows of aerobics while those wise enough to head out on a trip grab the chance to capture videos that will make those less enlightened green with envy.
  3. What better way to enjoy the experience than on a relaxed tour that is informative and friendly, thus making learning fun at the same time? Heading out from Darling Harbour provides an easy location with tours running between May and November to catch the incredible creatures as they migrate and return.
  4. Those who are smart enough to book online can receive some fantastic discounts which are kind to the bank account as well as the mind, with the most popular tours lasting between 2 and 3 hours. Orcas and dolphins can also be spotted at times, which adds further to the thrills. The expert crew does their best to ensure everyone gets to see their favourites with the large numbers of happy customers telling their own story.
  5. The vessels that are used add to the experience when using the best tour options. 3 custom-designed ocean-going catamarans will deliver 360’ views for all to enjoy, providing comfort, speed, and safety.
  6. The Pacific Ocean provides the perfect backdrop to see the migrating whales with full regulations being followed, that restrict vessels from going anything closer than 100 metres, which means that the trips are both respectful and responsible.

Nobody should miss out on the incredible experience of whale watching while in Sydney to create incredible memories.

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