Dental Tips From Dentists


Even people who are not dentists will agree that a good-looking smile is the key to confidence. If your dental hygiene is not great, you might feel shy about smiling properly. Some people do not know the right steps to dental care. The others are not even aware that they are doing it wrong. That is why it is important to be in touch with a dentist in Pacific Beach, San Diego

You might not realize it, but your dentist’s advice can give you a gorgeous smile. You must not underestimate the importance of dental hygiene. Patients with the healthiest smiles reported listening to their dentist’s instructions. To learn more about preventive dentistry, read this blog to learn about what dentists suggest. 

Five great dental tips straight from the dentist’s clinic

  • Avoid sugary food and drinks.

Your teeth might feel rough or fuzzy sometimes. This is because you have plaque buildup in your mouth. Plaque loves to feed on sugar and produce harmful acidic chemicals. Before you make a purchase, make sure to read the product’s label since many food items that you buy are not healthy for your teeth. Limit sugar intake to avoid oral health issues.

  • Start children early on good dental care. 

Teach your children about dental problems like cavities and tooth decay. It is vital to give them lessons on dental health. About one in five children around age 5-10 years have an untreated decayed tooth. 

Dentists recommend you should start your child’s dental care as soon as their first tooth emerges. Clean your baby’s tooth with a clean, damp cloth. When they reach the age of 2, supervise them to make sure they brush properly.

  • Increase calcium intake.

Calcium is responsible for building your teeth and bones healthy and strong. Calcium deficiency can affect your teeth, making them more sensitive and weak. To combat this issue, it is highly advisable to incorporate calcium into your everyday diet. However, there are other supplement options available if you do not consume dairy.

  • Get dental sealants.

Dentists recommend getting dental sealants for kids. It is a coating applied to newly emerging molars in children. However, adults can get dental sealants too. They fill in your fissures or grooves and avoid plaque buildup that is responsible for cavities and tooth decay. 

  • Limit coffee intake.

Excessive coffee intake can cause your teeth to stain. The acid in your coffee can also feed on your teeth and promote tooth decay. It may be difficult to cut down coffee intake immediately altogether. Therefore, focus on cutting the intake to one or two cups per day. 

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