Different Forms Sheet Metal Fabrication


Sheet metal fabrication involves many techniques. These include joining, cutting, and forming metal components that can be used for a variety of purposes. Proper sheet metal fabrication is essential for producing high-quality products. Let’s take a closer look at each step of the fabrication process.


Metal cutting can be divided into two types: sheer and non-sheer. Non-industrial components such as end products are often subject to shear cutting. This involves the removal of material with a blank or one blade.

Non-Shear is a method that’s used to make integral parts. It often involves laser cutting or plasma cutting or shearing the sheet metal using drill bits or lathes.


Forging involves the process of bending and shaping the material to the desired shape. A press brake system can be used to bend the material into custom U and V shapes. Stretching is the process of stretching the metal. This can be done with a machine like a stretcher or a hammer. You can also choose an English wheel to extend and compound curves.

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Joining refers to the process of joining sheet metal by brazing, welding, or riveting. Welding is the process of joining metal sheets by adding a filler. Blazing is a process that melts metal sheets to create a filler, rather than melting them and adding material. You can also use structural adhesives to bond materials together.


Once materials are bonded together, there is a finishing step that increases the strength of the final product. Many fishing techniques include sandblasting and deburring as well as coating and annealing. These solutions can improve corrosion resistance and increase strength. Electronic components can also be made more conductive by fishing.

A variety of raw materials can be combined into designs to make sheet metal that is flexible and adaptable. Contact us today if you are interested in working with a skilled metal fabrication company.

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