Finding The Best Supplier For Continuous Inkjet Printer Ink


When your business uses a lot of printer ink, you will want to ensure you use a quality supplier for all your ink requirements. When looking online for a reputable supplier, you will see many companies are selling the products you need, but they are not all of the same high standards. You will need to weigh up all the options and do plenty of research to ensure you are using the best supplier of ink for your needs and leave no stone unturned. Below is some advice to help you with this task, so your business uses the best quality ink supplier, potentially saving you some money.

Make A List Of The Different Types Of Ink You Use

One of the first things you will need to do is compile a list of the different types of inks your business uses, so you can create a shopping list of everything you need. Your business may use CIJ printer ink, DOD ink, hi-res ink, or TIJ ink, depending on the different printing your company does. Once you have a list of the various inks you need for your company, you can start looking online for suppliers with everything you need.

Start Your Search Online For Suppliers

You will now need to start looking for reputable ink suppliers, and the internet is the best tool to use to help you do this. You can use a supplier based in any part of the country, so you do not have to look for one that is local to you, but if you find one, it can be handy. Use your preferred browser and search engine to look for ink suppliers and see what companies you can find. You will want to look at the companies you find and go through their websites to ensure they sell the inks your company requires and help you to ascertain whether they are a quality supplier or not. You can compile a list of companies you think look decent and then do some further research into them and start comparing costs.

Comparing The Costs Of Different Companies

You will now want to compare the various companies you found and look at the costs of the ink your business requires. You will need to look at the prices of the inks and see if they have a sliding discount the more you buy, which many companies do. You will also need to look at the delivery costs that each company charges, and these can often vary quite drastically. You will also want to look at the delivery options each company has, as there may be a time when you need the ink urgently and guaranteed next-day delivery can be useful.

It is also worth looking at the terms and conditions of each supplier, and you may want to see if you can open a trade account, which some companies will offer. Once you have looked at all these factors and compared costs, you can see which company offers the best deals and customer service and select the best ink supplier for your business.

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