International students must develop their financial management skills


Studying abroad has become a trend, and more and more people choose to study abroad to gilt themselves, and then it is not so easy to go to a strange country. Studying abroad is not easy. You can apply for a study abroad agent. They will also teach you how to deal with expulsion (also known as 开除应对) when you have a cheating in the US exam (also known as 美国考试作弊). If you don’t known how to choose, you can refer to the study agent evaluation (留学中介测评) online. In addition, you can find a professional lawyer to apply for a job visa after graduation. The h1b visa is the choice of most people. The 2020 h1b application (also known as 2020 h1b 申请) should also be prepared. In recent years, the H1b is getting more and more difficult. Even the h1b job change (also known as h1b跳槽) has encountered great obstacles, and the h1b transfer process (also known as h1b transfer流程) is more and more cumbersome.

Every student who lives alone in his hometown is an all-powerful warrior. Wen can write paper, Wu can install furniture, life in large and small events must be personally hand-in-hand, it is not easy. Financial management can be said to be the most important thing, involving life bit by bit. Reasonable planning of consumption, ensuring the balance of life, learning, entertainment and social spending is a big lesson in life. Credit cards are an important tool for effectively exercising your personal financial management skills.

The most important points of using a credit card include avoiding excessive consumption, repaying on time, and regularly checking the account to prevent fraud or piracy. This habit will help you to better understand your personal consumption, so that you can adjust your consumption and budget in the next stage, avoid unreasonable expenses, and make effective use of financial resources. Moreover, having a good personal credit record, renting a house in the United States, renting a car, or doing something big will not be rejected.

Credit cards are much safer than debit cards, whether they are paid online or in person. After your debit card has been “borrowed”, if the stolen money cannot be recovered, you will need to pay for the fraud. Also, in the process of helping the bank investigate fraud, your debit card may be frozen and you will not be able to use the savings until you complete the investigation. This situation is undoubtedly for the international students to cut off the economic lifeline of months or even a year.

A credit card is a layer of natural protection against a savings account. When you find suspicious trading behavior, you can provide relevant materials and immediately notify the credit card company to investigate. If the confirmation is a stealing act, the user does not need to steal the bill to pay if the money can be recovered by the credit card company. And the disclosure of credit card information will not affect the security of your savings account. Usually, the first time the report is reported, the credit card company will freeze the old card and send you a new card at the same time, minimizing the impact on normal use.

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