Some Fantastic Attractions You Can Enjoy When Visiting Chiang Mai


Thailand is a fantastic destination for a quality tropical holiday, and there is plenty to see and do throughout the country, including Chiang Mai in the north. You can visit many attractions while exploring Chiang Mai that can help ensure you have a fantastic time and take home with you lots of beautiful memories of your time there. Below you can find some popular tourist attractions that you may want to visit that are ideal for everyone, including families.

Spending Time With The Elephants

The elephant is the national animal of Thailand, and no visit to the Land of Smiles is complete without experiencing the majestic beauty of these animals. When looking for an elephant nature park, Chiang Mai has several options you can consider that give you a magical experience when you get up close and personal with these beautiful animals. Ensure you select an ethical animal park that does not let tourists ride the animals and instead shows them off in their natural environment but allows you to interact with them.

A Visit To The Night Safari

Another way to experience some of Thailand’s wildlife and various animals from countries worldwide is by visiting the Chiang Mai Night Safari. You can take the tour bus around the park, and there are animals you can feed along the way. It is ideal for children of all ages, and there are two tours you can take in the park showing you various nocturnal animals.

An Adventure In The Treetops

You can also try visiting the Flight of the Gibbon attraction outside Chiang Mai, which is a popular tourist attraction. It is a zip line adventure that takes you through the canopy of the jungle, giving you a gibbon’s perspective of the treetops. You can enjoy the 18 different zip lines on offer and 33 platforms, which is an excellent way to get the adrenaline pumping. It is suitable for everyone above the height of one meter, and it is a perfect way to spend a few hours when you are in Chiang Mai.

A Ride To The Top Of The Mountain

You can also visit the top of Doi Suthep, the mountain overlooking Chiang Mai city, and visit the temple at the top, which is called Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. You can get a taxi up to the top, and there are some stairs to climb, 306 to be precise, but you can also take the funicular railway to the top. It will give you awesome city views on a clear day and is an excellent way to spend a couple of hours with family or friends.

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