Understanding The Benefits Of The Cold Pressed Juicer


The conventional high-speed centrifugal juicer destroys the essential minerals as well as the vitamins that are present in the fruit or vegetables. This is because the process also involves heating the ingredients. Moreover, the cold-pressed juicers extract the juice by pressing and grinding fruits and vegetables. This is a process that does not generate heat while extracting these juices. There are several cold-pressed juicers available in the market. So the best choice for any individual would depend on the size of their kitchen counter.

It is true that homemade juices are healthier than sugar-laden juices bought from the store. Many buyers are not aware of the fact that the juicer they pick plays a very important role that helps them to make the juices much more nutritious.

The traditional juicers or centrifugal models also use fast-spinning blades—these help in tearing apart the fruits or vegetables. In the process, this also removes the essential nutrients from the juices, thereby leaving little or no nutritional value.

Masticating or “cold-pressed” juicers have become quite popular as these machines extract juice by pressing and grinding fruits and vegetables. These juicers not only generate heat at the time of extracting. It is for this reason that these are referred to as cold-pressed juicers.

This is how the cold-pressed juicers work.

The slow juicer machine does its job by using the best juicing method. It separates the fiber of vegetables and fruits from the juice. In the process, it also retains the vital nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the result is pure juice only, and this juice has the good stuff intact.

Advantages of Owning a Cold Pressed Juicer

There are several advantages of owning a cold-pressed juicer, and to know about them, one should go through the discussion below:

Customize Ingredients

The cold-pressed juicers help save money and ensure that one drinks healthy and nutritional juices. One can also easily choose organic produce or fruits and vegetables from a local farmers’ market. Then cold-pressed it to prepare the juice.

These juicers help in retaining the Nutritional Value

The Conventional juicers oxidize the nutrients and fibers as there is a lot of heat generated by high-speed spinning. The slow juicer machine does not generate as much heat as it generated by conventional juicers. This way, the nutrients and fibers in the juice are intact.

This also helps in yielding more juice.

These juicers can process more juice using the same number of vegetables and fruits compared to the other juicers. The juicers can also process nuts and help one prepare nut milkshakes, which is impossible with conventional juicers.

Low Noise

The lower speed processing gives the slow juicer machine a distinctive advantage of low noise. Thus it is much quieter in comparison to the conventional juicers. As a result, one can easily use the juicer whenever one needs to without disturbing anyone.


These juicers are not a mere fad. This is a high utility appliance and plays a vital role in keeping one healthy. These, along with their benefits, also come with some of the best state-of-the-art technology and are pretty user-friendly.

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