What Are Some Rail Service Tips for Your Companion Dog?


Dogs are an intrinsic part of our life. They are the most devoted buddies anyone could have. We make no effort to care for and pamper our beloved dogs in our daily lives. When you have to travel by train through IRCTC train booking, though, a dilemma arises. Most people want to bring their dogs with them when they travel by train, but is this a practical option? In this regard, there is no factual information.

The more you learn about Indian Railways rules and regulations, the more perplexed you become. As a result, we decided to clear the air for you.

Indeed, you can take the canines with you while going on Indian trains by booking an IRCTC train ticket booking. This movement will be subject to specific standards and guidelines set by the Indian railroads. Dogs can be kept close, inside the compartment, just when you go by First Class AC. They will be as baggage and travel in the Brake or Luggage Van in different examples.

Dogs can also be allowed as a mentor in case they are service dogs of someone who is blind. However, in any event, when you take the canine along in a train compartment (other than an AC First class roadster), you need to ensure that the dog does not irritate. You need to likewise look for the permission of individual travelers.

Note: If you want to travel by train with your dog, you must first contact the Parcel Office at your boarding station. If you pay INR 10 or more (depending on the dog’s size). It is the ticket for your canine companion. This booking slip depends on how the dog travels (whether in a train compartment or a luggage truck).

Book a First Class AC from IRCTC ticket booking is the most effective way to go with a canine on a train. Of course, you might need to save a few additional billets. However, it would guarantee an agreeable travel insight for your cherished pet. General travelers (notwithstanding a visually impaired individual) going in another class can’t take the canine along in a train’s compartment. However, it can have the pup in the Luggage or Brake Van by paying the due charges. In addition, there are uniquely planned Dog Boxes accessible in the Brake Vans for such purposes. You can check for pet details while you make your rail ticket booking.

Contact the Parcel Office and book convenience for your canine two days before the journey to convey your canine in the Luggage Van. Assuming that you are getting a dog without prior booking in an AC First Class or Brake car, you will be charged at Luggage Rates given the heaviness of the dog and need to pay a base fine of INR 10 for each canine. These charges are paid ahead of time in nature.

If the dog is of a visually impaired individual, the duty charged will be the same as canines conveyed in the brake van. However, they stay inside the compartment.

In any case, the dogs should have collars and chains fitted for such travel. The owner’s responsibility is to ensure that food and drink are available throughout the journey.

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