A Golfing Holiday Should Be On The Top Of Your List Of Things To Do.


As Australians, we are a very active population and we love to take part in sports whenever we can. We all enjoy a regular game of footie and it is a very popular sport here in Australia. However, there is another sport that is growing in popularity every year and there are thousands of people all across the country playing this game every single day. The name of the sport is called golf and it is played by young and old people alike. Its popularity is down to the fact that once you start playing it, it is very difficult to stop. The point in the game is to get the golf ball in the hole, but it’s not as easy as you might think.

Improved Fitness.

There are many golf courses scattered all around this great country of ours and they cater to all the different levels of players from beginners to seasoned professionals. Golf is a great way to stay fit and you will cover many miles whilst negotiating your way around the 18 holes that a standard golf course has. If you don’t fancy walking around, there are electric buggies available to you for a little bit of extra money and you can even have your own caddie escort you around the golf course. In the past, golf was a game for only the rich people, but now anyone can play and buying a set of golf clubs and paying the green fees, is very affordable.

Vacation Time.

Any golfer will tell you that if they were given the opportunity to visit one golf tournament from all around the world, they would all take the US Masters. This is a tournament loved and cherished by the amateur and professional golfers and if given half a chance and if the price was right, they would definitely try to book some US Masters golf holidays from an approved provider. The wonderful thing about booking these package holidays is that everything is laid on for you and all you have to do is pay your money and then turn up and enjoy the holiday. There are many benefits to booking such a trip and we will look at some of them here.

  • New Experiences – This is a holiday of a lifetime and so every effort is made to make sure that you get the best golfing holiday possible. When you arrive, they will set you up in the best hotels with the best room service and facilities, and best of all, you get reduced fees on all participating golf courses. This is your chance to play just like the professionals do and experience all the different kinds of courses and greens.

  • Increased Social Circle – You will get to make new friends with people who have similar interests as yourself. You will be able to pick up some advice about your game and what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Because you will be travelling around in a group, you will get all of the group discounts which include restaurants, bars and any other type of entertainment venue.

These are only two of the numerous benefits to booking yourself a golfing holiday to the US Masters. You will get to challenge all of your golf skills in a number of different golf courses, and best of all, you get to watch the professionals in action.

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