Low temperature carbon steel pipe fittings


Carbon steel pipe fittings are made from various kinds of carbon steel. The low temperature carbon steel pipe fittings can be used with low temperature applications. The ones that are used in low temperature usually the ones with high carbon in them. The carbon steel is graded according to the amount of carbon in them. The high carbon grades have higher carbon content and are very much resistant to temperature fluctuations. They have lower thermal expansion rates compared to the other types of carbon steel. This makes them suitable for applications with fluctuating temperatures. There are low carbon, mild carbon, high carbon and very high carbon versions of the carbon steel pipe fittings. The difference is the composition, mainly the carbon content.

 But the difference in composition also brings the mechanical property specialties. The low temperature carbon steel pipe fittings could be used with high temperature applications as well. That’s because the high carbon could take both high and low temperatures. Fittings such as the carbon steel pipe reducer can be made out of low temperature carbon. These are called the WPL6 low temperature carbon steels. There are different grades in them as well. one most used is the A420 grade of the fittings. The WPL6 denotes the lowest temperature of operation as -45 degrees Celsius. It could be produced in either welded or seamless conditions. The prices of A420 WPL6 can vary based on various factors. The grading of the carbon steel material is one of the major factors.

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